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William Tozer Associates, headquartered in London, England, is a chartered practice of the Royal Institute of British Architects, but in all U.S. correspondence should be referred to as ‘designer’ rather than ‘architect’ as we are not registered with any U.S. licensing board (NCARB). Most states allow foreign architects to independently design interiors and buildings of prescribed types and sizes, and to work on more complex projects in conjunction with a locally-licensed architect of record. Please also note that while our UK-based website and social media, and numerous books, magazines, journals and other websites describe us as ‘architects’ and our work as ‘architecture’ this should not be construed as indicating that we are registered or licensed architects in jurisdictions where the use of those terms is restricted. We have undertaken projects in San Francisco, St. Paul, and Minneapolis, and look forward to working in other U.S. locations.