Object Space (Phase Four Espresso)

The built-in seating and service counter are articulated as sculptural rectilinear volumes of timber decking and tile respectively. While sharing this materiality of decking and tile, the ceiling and floor are presented as planes rather than volumes. The elongated form and positioning of the counter visually exaggerates the length of the space, leading visitors to an outdoor seating area in an enclosed courtyard. Concealed detailing of the counter lends it a monolithic, plinth-like character, presenting the equipment and produce as found-object or readymade art objects. This effect is heightened by the terracotta-housed fluorescent lights that hang over these objects, while background lighting is concealed above the decking-clad lowered ceiling, highlighting the original building cornice as a curated found object. The tables, bench-seat and high bar at the front of the shop vary in height to provide different eye-levels, allowing a dense seating arrangement.