Intersect House

The composition of a pair of rectilinear boxes, offset from one another horizontally and vertically, provides spatial and visual complexity to the open-plan space they contain. The effect is heightened by a wall of mirror that doubles the perception of the new spaces and forms. Ambiguously, the wood-lined interior both accentuates interiority, by recalling traditional salons and nooks, and connotes exteriority through the use of timber matching the decking outside. This perception is furthered by glimpses of garden vegetation through the frameless windows and in the mirrored wall.

Fragments of the vocabulary of the new design appear in interventions throughout renovations of the Victorian terrace house that forms the site of the project. Frameless glazed openings in the exterior, and frameless white openings to the interior, provide uncanny views into and out of the interior of the Victorian house—recalling the building incision artwork of Gordon Matta-Clark.