Tabula Rasa

The apartment occupies the ground floor of a mid-twentieth century semi-detached house.   The floor plan has been rearranged to create the impression of a single large open-plan space.  This space is structured around two large volumes, containing respectively the kitchen, bathroom and utility area; and the second bedroom and a shower room. The original door and window openings to the rear of the building are enlarged down to the floor to create two fully glazed sliding doors.  These doors lead on to a timber-decked terrace, set at the same floor level to create a strong relationship between interior and exterior. The frames of the sliding doors are concealed, framing painterly views of the garden to the rear and contributing to an impression that the works may not be completed.  A patchwork of floorboards and the use of utilitarian flood-lamps heighten the impression of the project as a work in progress.