House  W-12 20 1

The project references Loos’s Müller House in Prague, and its fragmented composition of sculptural objects of varying scales scattered over multiple split floor levels. The staircase in particular starts in a closed-riser form directly reminiscent of the flight connecting the ante room and living space of the house in Prague. From the second flight onwards, the staircase becomes open riser, diverging from Loos’s form, but in both projects the underside of the staircase is articulated as an abstract, stepped object. Recalling the boudoir in Loos’s project, the nanny’s room and music room are on elevated half levels above the first and second floors respectively, accessed by secondary staircases. In both houses, white plastered wall planes and room volumes are articulated as larger-scale sculptural objects—and cabinetry of various materials is similarly sculptural at a smaller scale. A shower window panel alludes to the Müller House’s built-in aquariums.