Autonomous Fragment (Fernandez  & Wells, St. Anne's Court)

St Anne's Court - London

The spatial and formal development of the design draws upon two preceding projects for this client. A number of elements of the existing context were retained and curated, but where the previous sites contained numerous intact, significant historical features, here a number of previously latent features are made visible. A white paint finish to the ceiling and walls prevents these elements from dominating the new insertion, and establishes a visual relationship with the otherwise distinct historical features of the other sites.

The retained shop front sets up a visual relationship to equipment furnishing the new occupation. The proportions of the timber panels that clad the bar and counters match the stone cladding of one of the previous projects, while the material similarly refer- ences the preceding use of timber but recognizes the more modern setting. The linear spatial arrangement accentuates the character of the site, and connects to the preceding designs.